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infotropique is a group consisting of volunteers from many corners in the world. You are welcome to join us on our mailinglist or in the chatroom on psyced.org. Tell us how would you like to help, and we will do our best to guide you.
You are advised to read our Code of Conduct.
We want to work with upstream developers and projects first, with the intention to share efforts, minimize downstream maintenance and to make everyones work easier.

Project Management

At the moment there is no centralized project management for our projects. Due to upstream work being a priority, we encourage distributed efforts. No central codebase, no central point of failure. The version control system we use for most projects, git, was intended to be used without one central server. What does this mean for development? All you need is a computer with software you require for development and an email account, optionally an telnet, jabber, or irc client to chat. This will change to some degree in the future, but for now this is how it works here.
We are currently in the process of setting up a shared pagure instance for source code hosting.
At the moment there is some software mirrored on the infrastructure of peers community using NotABug , but this is just used for displaying bugs.


We are looking for artists to get involved in the project. There are many jobs to do around here: We need a recognizable theme for the operating system, a logo, etc. As for now XFCE has been selected as the Window Manager, we will need a theme for this desktop aswell. Furthermore we want to develop an Greeter dialogue where common options such as the keyboard layout can be set conveniently.
We also want to help upstream projects to design and improve their user interfaces. Eventually we need to create multimedia material for documentation, presentations, and promotional items.
Webdesign is also wanted. We would like to preserve the Haunt based framework, and there are some other conditions, but we are more than open for anyone who wants to improve the state of this website. ng0 has ideas how it should look like in structure, but lacks the time to implement it.


Documentation of software we make use of can benefit from corrections, fixes, rewritesor any improvement at all. One currently ongoing task is fixing the GNUnet documentation.
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We still have lots of of software, documentation, and assets which needs to be packaged to make our system usable in an acceptable state. A full list will follow soon. For now you can read the issues of infotropique LIVE which already includes some software names.
Information on how to add packages to our system of choice, GuixSD, can be found in the Guix Manual
Take a look at the patch-tracking database of Guix for for a list of pending submissions.
Send a new package to Guix or get in touch!


You can help to advance our system by working on open issues and roadmap items. Furthermore you can help us by working on upstream software such as GNUnet or Guix.
You can get a sneak preview by looking at what already has been acomplished as work-in-progress at ng0's git repository (or at notabug).
The upstream source code is in the main Git repository of Guix. Like Guix, we (currently) use Guile as the main programming and extension language for the components of the system.
You will find it useful to browse the Guile Documentation or other introductory material about Scheme. Also, make sure to read the Contributing section of the Guix documentation for more details on the development setup, as well as the coding and cooperation conventions used in Guix.
You can make pseudonymous contributions to Guix or infotropique. For sending the patches you will need a valid email address.
Send a new patch to Guix or get in touch with us.

Test and Bug Reports

Install the software we use, such as Guix or GNUnet, and send feedback about your experience to upstream or us. Help the project reporting bugs. Before reporting a bug, please check in the corresponding bugtrackers if the bug has already been reported. For more help on reporting bugs, ask the upstream developers, read their documentation on how bugs are reported or get in touch with us.
Testing of the operating system itself is currently not possible.

Porting to arm v8

GuixSD is currently being ported to arm v8. We want to provide arm releases as well, so this is in our interest. Contact Guix upstream for how you can help with finishing the GuixSD porting process to arm v8!


You can help translate software we make use of, such as Guix, the package descriptionsin Guix, GNUnet, GNUnet-gtk and more to your language. See the Translation Project for information on how you can help. Some software we make use of may have their own translation tools. Visit their websites and help translate. For further questions on the software we will include, feel free to get in touch.
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