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Reproducible Affero License 1

ng0 — June 12, 2017

We published a first public draft of one of our licenses we intend to use. It is a deriviate of the AGPL3 and simply adds a mandatory reproducibility section.

This license is the result of previous discussions of lynX (of youbroketheinternet, secushare, psyced), ng0, and other people in various projects.

It has the status of a draft and will be worked on in public.

read more about it at https://www.infotropique.org/licenses/ral/


ng0 — June 12, 2017

Over the last weeks we discussed names and their impact. In one of our countries pragmatique has a negative meaning. libertad was rejected for similar reasons.

infotropique is the new name of our collective and all future attached groups (with variations).

This update of the website covers every change of the name. The git and the mailinglist aren't changed because the mailinglist needs to be treated differently and the git is already scheduled to be moved elsewhere.

The old domains (pragmatique.xyz, libertad.pw) remain active until they expire in 2018.

Website changes

ng0 — April 30, 2017

After trying out multiple options on paper and digital, I ended up with this website layout. At the moment it is roughly based on the code which generates the website of 2f30

I tried to make the description of pragmaOS less abstract, one of the earliest questions I saw in the social media networks. The next steps for this layout is to work on a translation model. I have documented not everything about this in our bugtracker, but if you are interested get in touch.

— ng0 / pragmatique

Announcing pragmatique -- call for participation

ng0 — April 8, 2017

Today I’m announcing pragmatique, a new project.

Its primary focus is to open up the efforts I’ve been working on for some time to other people, to provide space as a community, and to work on more than just software.

Our main project is pragmaOS, an on-going project to build a live-system for applications around GNUnet and further software solutions which make use of GNUnet, based on GuixSD.

We are currently setting up our new development server, so there’s no immediate fancy environment to sign up at and start hacking.

Our software page shows an early road map without the targeted versions.

You can read more about our project at pragmatique.xyz – be aware that this is an early version of the web site.

Let me know what you think and join the fun!

— ng0 / pragmatique [this post originally appeared first on my gnunet.org blog, planet.gnu.org, my personal blog and mailinglists]

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